Banduk Marika: Yalangbara

Yolngu artist Marmburra Wananumba Banduk Marika has dedicated her career to the development, recognition and preservation of Aboriginal arts and culture.

Since the death of her father and brother, both established and renowned artists, Banduk and her sisters have maintained the artistic and cultural traditions of the Rirratjingu clan. They were among the first Yolngu women urged to paint by their male kin to carry on this important work. From this experience Banduk emerged, not only as a successful artist, but also a respected activist, educator and community leader.

Favouring relief printmaking over bark painting, Banduk translates her ancestral stories and knowledge through intricately carved lines and figures. In 1986 she was Artist-in-Residence at Flinders University, where she produced a number of linocuts that relate to the Rirratjingu ancestral site known as Yalangbara in North East Arnhem Land. This exhibition, titled Banduk Marika: Yalangbara, brings together these and other works from Flinders University Art Museum’s holdings that showcase the genesis and evolution of her practice.

Image: Banduk Marika (born 1954) Rirratjingu, Djanda and sacred waterhole (detail), 1984, colour inks on paper, 54 x 29.5 cm, Flinders University Art Museum collection 2132, © Banduk Marika / Copyright Agency 2018

9 – 30 April 2018

Flinders University 
Level 2 | Hub
Bedford Park