Captain Cook through the lens of art

In ‘Cook and the Pacific’ (2018), Professor John Maynard, foreshadows events in 2020 when “the Australian nation will be torn between Anglo celebrations and Aboriginal mourning of James Cook’s so-called discovery of Australia”.  Drawing on Flinders Art Museum collections this short talk looks at the memorialisation of Cook and his representation as the embodiment of invasion and dispossession.

Presented by Fiona Salmon, Director Flinders University Art Museum for 2019 Reconciliation Week.

John Keyse Sherwin, The Landing at Middleburgh, one of the Friendly Isles (detail), 1777, engraving, ink on paper, Flinders University Art Museum collection 1601

Tuesday 28 May 2019

12.10 – 12.30pm

Flinders University Art Museum
Ground floor | Social Sciences North
Off carpark 5 | Humanities Road
Flinders University | Bedford Park