MIRROR MIRROR: Self-portrait workshop

Make your own self-portrait using experimental collage techniques. Facilitated by Flinders University Art Museum staff, participants can paint, decorate and collage a work of art to express their inner selves.

Presented for University Mental Health Week

Ali Gumillya Baker, Sovereign goddess Alexis from the series Bow down to the sovereign goddess (detail), 2011, archival inkjet print, 123.5 x 82 cm, Flinders University Art Museum collection 4960.003, courtesy the artist


Wed 1 May 2019 | 12 ­– 2pm
Thu 2 May 2019 | 12 ­– 2pm

Flinders University Art Museum
Ground floor | Social Sciences North
Off carpark 5 | Humanities Road
Flinders University | Bedford Park